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ToorCamp 2022 Map

ToorCamp is a multi-day gathering where we focus on technology and its integration into society. This wiki can be used as a tool for organizing or prototyping anything, including campsites, carpools, sharing tools, and other sundries. It can also be used to record and share what we have done at the camp. The official website,, is the authoritative source for information. Our Discord and Google Group are where people tend to talk.

We are inspired by the hacker camps in The Netherlands and Germany. We hope to form groups, build structures, setup art projects, and throw parties!

ToorCon is the major organizer. We also work with other hacker conferences in the US. Your registration fee covers the power and internet -- you create the rest! Play, learn, and share!

ToorCamp 2024

"sunset" "ToorCamp sign"

ToorCamp 2024 will be located at the Doe Bay Resort & Spa on Orcas Island, WA. The venue features cabins, yurts, domes, and full camping facilities so so you can focus on relaxing and hanging out with other technology enthusiasts. ToorCamp will be on June 26-June 30, 2024.

During Camp


Security, Internet, Emerging Technologies, Hardware Hacking, and Privacy. There are 50-minute talks on Thursday and Friday, 5-minute lightning talks Friday night, and 20-minute talks on Saturday. Sign up to be a speaker!

Listen to talks in the Prime Dome

Sign up for Lightning Talks here!


There's a number of contests and competitions going on throughout the camp!

There will be a bunch of fun contests at the camp. The first one we’re releasing information on is Titanium Chef! Similar to the popular Iron Chef TV Show, Titanium Chef is a cooking contest for hackers where contestants are given a special ingredient and they have a limited amount of time to cook the best meal that they can.

You are cordially invited to the second biennial ToorCamp Stupid Hackathon. The Stupid Hackathon presents an opportunity to create the most useless, dangerous and/or variously unwise things you can imagine.

EuphoriaCTF is a capture the flag contest that takes the form of a hacking simulation where you will complete a progressive set of challenges involving hacking history, cracking passwords, data analysis, reverse engineering, and exploitation!

Decorate your village or tent and win the adoration of your fellow DeerPunk campers and some cool prizes!

Events and Parties

Can you think of a better way to spend a summer night than kicking back on a hammock, grilling up something on the BBQ, and hanging out with good friends? Whether you just want to kick back on the beach, learn to meditate, stay up all night writing code, or dancing the night away in the Prime Dome to your favorite hacker DJs, we guarantee you’ll have a great time.

An open air night market and swap meet every night at the volleyball courts!


We have 3 days scheduled for hands-on workshops. Learn something new or teach your own! Hack a car, build electronics, launch a weather balloon, build a forge, craft, sew & paint, etc... Talk to foxcaptain about adding additional workshops!


ToorCamp as a whole will consist of many different themed villages. Want to stake your claim? Organize a village! Hackerspaces and groups can request a dedicated section of the camp to build their own structures, show off their projects, host parties and events, and whatever they feel like doing to contribute to ToorCamp. Help make the camp awesome by getting your friends together and planning a village!

Self-organized Sessions

In addition to the standard talks and workshops, Villages will be self-organizing their own activities that will be listed as part of our Self-organized Sessions.


Bring a project to camp! List your projects here so other people can check it out or get involved!

Before Camp

Site Photos

Photos around Doe Bay, our gorgeous venue.

Traveling to Camp

Some tips on getting to the region and out to Orcas Island.

Ferry Reservation

This is the game we play every time.


If you plan on driving a vehicle to ToorCamp, learn about parking changes for 2024

Vehicle camping

What you need to know about bringing your RV to ToorCamp


Camp Network information


Camp Power information


We'll be posting up our frequently asked questions as well as guides for what to bring and expect at the camp. If you have any questions that aren't covered here, please feel free to email, post in the Google Group (mailing list), or join our Discord server.

ToorCamp Dogs

ToorCamp loves dogs, but we have some rules and regulations. Most importantly, please register your dog by emailing

ToorCamp Kids

Kids workshops for your little ones! Make sure to register them!


This year because of the location, we're limited to 600 participants at ToorCamp and to better prepare we would like everyone to register as soon as possible. Tickets are nearly SOLD OUT.


We're looking for volunteers that can help out during the camp as well as come out early to help setup or stay later to help tear down. We'll be posting more volunteer information in this section in the coming months. If you're interested in volunteering, please email


We're looking for sponsors to help make ToorCamp even more awesome. If your company is interested in sponsoring, please email

Code of Conduct

We now have a shiny new code of conduct! Check it out.


  • Stuff What are you bringing to share? What do you need? Hauling a bunch of junk is expensive, but we still need the right amount!
  • Campers Collaborate with fellow attendees in your campsites

Important Dates 2024

March 15, 2024 First Round of CFP Submission Ends
May 4, 2024 CFP Submission Ends
June 2024 Speaker & Sponsor Selection Finalized
June 26, 2024 Move into ToorCamp
June 27, 2024 ToorCamp 50-minute Talks & Workshops
June 28, 2024 ToorCamp 50-minute Talks & Workshops
June 29, 2024 ToorCamp 20-minute Talks & Workshops
June 30, 2024 Move out of ToorCamp

Previous ToorCamps



ToorCamp 2022 was back again at the Doe Bay Resort & Spa on Orcas Island, WA, with a new Deerpunk theme and the premiere of the NIGHTMRKT. ToorCamp was on July 13-17, 2022.


Skipped due to pandemic. We briefly considered 2021, but pandemic continued.


Bubble Prime Dome

ToorCamp 2018 was again located at the beautiful Doe Bay Resort & Spa on Orcas Island, WA. ToorCamp was on June 20th-24th.


Phone Tent

ToorCamp 2016 was located at the Doe Bay Resort & Spa on Orcas Island, WA. The venue features 31 on-site cabins, 8 yurts, 2 geodesic domes, and full camping facilities so this year is all about relaxing and hanging out with other technology enthusiasts. We are scheduling the camp on June 8th-12th so it doesn't conflict with the bigger conferences and give people the chance to take some extra time off from work, unwind, learn some new skills, and hack on projects.

2014, 2012


Neah Bay, WA (Hobuck Beach Resort). Lasers. Prime Dome, Cellular Telephone Network, POTS telephone

In the rainforest, everything gets wet. Towels set out to dry become more damp instead. Condensation drips from exhaust fans.

2009 (Beta)

Missile Silo. Sand, wind, really hard core people.


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