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ToorCamp is always looking for Volunteers. It'll require a huge effort to get everything setup the week before the camp and there's many different areas we could use help with. Here's a listing of ways that people can help out. We're able to help with admission costs for people who are able to help out. If you want to come out but aren't sure if you can afford it, please contact us and we can definitely figure out a way that you can contribute. If you have talent that is not on the list, please speak up! Also everyone is a pretty much a network engineer, so we have that very well covered.

On-Site Logistics


There will be a lot of setup involved before the camp. We will be out at the campsite starting the Saturday before preparing the area for camping. Here are a few things that need to be done. If you have experience in any of these areas or feel you can contribute, please let us know.

Status Job Description
Open Staking out Campsites Mark out the boundaries between the different theme campsites and stake out the dirt roads going to them and areas to park cars.
Open Setting up Power Many campsites will require power drops and we require a properly licensed power technician to setup our spider boxes and cable runs to the campsites and be available to fix any problems.
Open Internet Run internet service to the facility and provide wifi to most of the campsite areas and be available to fix any problems.
Open Stage Setup Setup our different stages for A/V and with tables, chairs, etc.
Facilities Seating Setup We'll be renting a lot of folding chairs that will need to be setup in front of the stages.
Facilities Lighting Setup lighting for all of the roads and campsite areas so people can see enough at night (Christmas lights and spotlights).
Open Decorating We want to decorate the venue and really make the camp look and feel awesome. We need artistically inclined people to come out and help decorate the place by bringing out painted sheets, plywood, sculptures, blinkies, etc, and really make the place look fantastic.
Open Signage The Decorating crew may be able to cover this but just thought I'd add it. We'll need signs made and put up for the different areas of the campsites, warning signs, and sponsor banners attached to the fences.
Open Drivers We'll need a lot of equipment transported out to the camp. We need people who can drive u-hauls and/or own a truck that can help us bring equipment out from Seattle and/or San Jose.

During the Camp

We'll be needing a lot of help during the camp to make sure everything runs smoothly. If you aren't able to come out ahead of time, there's plenty of jobs that we need done during the camp that you can help out with.

Status Job Description
Open Sanitation Engineers Empty full trashcans into dumpster.
Local Vendors Food We're looking for local restaurants to come out and provide food for sale on the property. If you know of any local restaurants that would be interested, please have them contact us. (Chef JoAnna is helping with this. ToorCampFood@ChefJoAnna.com) - approved by Tim
Ticketing Staff Registration People who can sit at the front gate to register people as they come in.
Security Parking People who can direct cars coming in to where they need to park.
Open Fire Marshal A person or two who is a licensed Fire Marshal to come out and make sure we've setup everything to code and have the proper response protocols in place in case there is a fire on the property.
Open Volunteer EMT EMT certified volunteers to be on call during the camp in case there's any medical emergencies. We also need one to work with us ahead of time to make sure we have the proper supplies on-site.


After the camp there will be a large amount of cleanup that will need to be done. Hopefully most of the campsites will follow our policies of packing out whatever they pack in, but there will still be a lot of tear-down required for ToorCamp equipment.

Status Job Description
All Volunteers Trash Pickup Go around the campsite and pick up any loose trash that may have been left.
Open Power Tear-Down Roll up the power cables and pack up the spider boxes.
Open Internet Tear-Down Help tear-down the internet infrastructure.
Open Stage Tear-Down Help pack up the A/V system.
All Volunteers Stage/Seating Tear-Down Help with packing up all of the folding chairs and tables.
All Volunteers Decoration Tear-Down Go around and pack up all of the decorations and lighting that we put up as well as campsite and road stake/markers.

Becoming a Volunteer

Please email nfiltr8@toorcon.org with your contact info, the days you can help out, and what job you want to help doing (if you have any preference).