Wireless Communications

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Frequency Table

This is an unofficial list of the frequencies that will be in use at ToorCamp 2020.

Freq. (MHz) TX Offset Service Mode Emission Channel Misc. Params. Notes
146.5400 Amateur FM 20K0F3E CTCSS 123.0 General talkaround
154.6000 MURS FM 20K0F3E 5 CTCSS 123.0 General talkaround
441.0000 Amateur DMR 7K60FXE U1 TS1 CC1 TG99
446.5000 Amateur DMR 7K60FXE U2 TS1 CC1 TG99
462.7125 FRS/GMRS FM, Narrow 11K2F3E 7 DCS 734, std.
146.5600 Amateur Digital Over FM Various F3D CTCSS 123.0 Digital modes
154.5700 MURS Digital Over FM Various F3D 4 CTCSS 123.0 Digital modes

Digital Modes

For digital modes, fldigi is recommended. Since multiple modes will be employed, use of Reed-Solomon Identification (RSID) is recommended. In fldigi this is labeled "RXID" and "TXID" in the upper-right portion of the display.