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There is very limited space to park so we highly encourage all to carpool! Because of the number of attendees this year and in order to maintain emergency access to roads, every vehicle will need to park in our off-site parking lot down the street except for a few rare exceptions. We will allow you to unload your gear on-site when you arrive and then you will need to promptly move your vehicle to the off-site parking lot. Please do not block any roads while on-site at any time. We will have a shuttle running regularly between the off-site parking lot and Registration.

Parking Permits

New for 2024, every vehicle parking at ToorCamp is required to have a parking permit. The cost to rent the off-site parking field has increased significantly and with limited space on the island, it has become necessary to sell parking permits. Since there are a limited number of parking permits available, please organize your carpool beforehand and only have the driver purchase the parking permit. This will help prevent them from inaccurately "selling out" and needing to process refunds/transfers.

Vehicles must have the parking permit displayed at all times when parked at ToorCamp.


  • The General Camping + RV Pass ticket includes an on-site RV parking permit and if you have a tow vehicle, an off-site parking permit will be provided.
  • The 1337 Private Camping Site ticket includes an off-site parking permit.
  • A parking pass is not included with cabin/yurt/site booking nor is on-site parking guaranteed. Since not every cabin has a vehicle, it is easier for us to track if we have every vehicle purchase a parking pass and, if needed, submit an on-site parking request.

Off-Site Parking

Most cars will be parked in our off-site parking lot 0.5 mile down the road from Doe Bay Resort. We will have a shuttle available between Registration and the off-site parking lot.

The parking lot is a small field owned by a small local farm. Please respect our hosts and their property.

Off-Site Parking Rules

  • All buildings and areas outside the front parking field is off limits
  • No RVs or campers
  • No camping or staying overnight in vehicles
  • No dogs
  • Due to wildfire concerns, no smoking

On-Site Parking

Approved vehicles parking onsite at Doe Bay during ToorCamp will be assigned a designated parking location and must have the parking permit displayed at all times, including vehicles used for camping. Please note: Any vehicle over 25 feet in length is not allowed.

Vehicle Camping

If you purchased an RV pass or will be camping in your car, please see Vehicle camping for more information.

On-Site Parking Requests

Please email SpaceTeam if you are part of a group or village that has a compelling reason to need a vehicle on-site, have a vehicle as part of a workshop, or if you require ADA parking. Requesting an on-site parking permit does not guarantee you will get one.


For those riding motorcycles to ToorCamp, please purchase a motorcycle parking permit and there will be a designated motorcycle parking area on-site. If you need a motorcycle parking permit, please complete this form.

Electric Vehicle Charging Station

Doe Bay has a ChargePoint, Level 2, 240 volt, J-1772 supply charging station located on Homestead Rd, adjacent to the Doe Bay Garden, where you can charge for free. Please be courteous and only park here while charging your vehicle. Orcas Island Market also has free charging stations. There is an "ev-charging" channel on Discord to assist with coordination.


Don't forget to make your Ferry Reservation from Anacortes to Orcas Island!