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The Doe Bay Spa is a privilege and not a right. Failure to follow rules and directions could result in having the Spa shut down for everyone. Please follow all posted rules in the Spa. These additional rules help us allow for the most people to enjoy the Spa while we are here.

ToorCamp Spa Rules

  1. Follow all posted Doe Bay Spa rules
  2. All Spa participants must sign Doe Bay's Waiver before use. The Waiver
  3. Max Occupancy is 20 People. Form a line for next available time slot if at capacity.
  4. 30min per time slot. If you're in the spa and it's 25 or 55 of the hour, it's time to get ready to leave.
  5. No Food or Beverages other than water. No glass. No alcohol. No photography.
  6. Bring your own towel.
  7. Pick up trash before you leave, even if it's not yours.
  8. Spa is open to ToorCampers from Wednesday to Saturday Only. Please follow the Schedule.

ToorCamp Spa Schedule

Time Slot Wed-Sat
0930 Adult
1000 Adult
1030 Family
1100 Family
1130 Family
1200 Village
1230 Village
1300 Adult
1330 Adult
1400 Village
1430 Village
1600 Village
1630 Village
1700 Adult
1730 Adult
1800 Village
1830 Village
1900+ Staff

Time Slots Types

Adult - Open spa time for all campers 18yrs or older.

Family - Open to families with children 17yrs or younger. All children must be accompanied by their legal guardian. Swimsuits are mandatory for all guests during this timeframe. No disposable diapers in the spa.

Village - Reserved Time for Villages. Village leads can reserve time at the Registration Desk.

Staff - Reserved Time for Staff Members only