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(Note: This page has not been updated since 2022)

Network services will be provided, including external Internet access.

  • A camp-wide wireless network will be offered for use to all attendees. There is a lot of coverage- and we may add a few more spots.
  • Wired connections will be provided to fixed locations upon request 30-days in advance, signed in triplicate.


Info and updates on the ToorCamp WiFi network are going to be posted after June 30th, 2022 here: We recommend you download and install the certs on your devices before you get to the island. Or feel free to use the static WPA key network too.


If you would like to provide services at the event please send in some info about what you are trying to offer, and every effort will be made to facilitate this on the Toorcamp network. Please keep in mind the nature and location of the event, and the facilities. A datacenter grade network is not offered, and services should be focused on local delivery and consumption.


Due to the remote location of the event, the primary Internet connectivity is provided by Rock Island Communications and additional 2 business class units provided by SpaceX. With all of this, we should have anywhere from ~250Mbps - 500Mbps of total bandwidth. Please do not use this to download torrents, or hog this bandwidth.


Toorcamp network-ops reserves the right to block, throttle, drop or cut the cord on traffic that interferes with equal usage of the network by all. Please refrain from any activities that would damage the experience for others.


  • Can I bring you my XYZ hardware?
    • We have plenty of gear, and do not need anymore. If you want to help, donate some cash to ToorCamp.
  • Can I setup my own WiFi using my hotspot/satellite/x.25 over barbed wired/carrier pigeon?
    • We would suggest you don't. Not because we don't want participation, but mostly as we already provide this, and have been working on hardware upgrades for the property over the last 3+ years.
    • Setting up your own hotspot could actually impact others experiences around you on the WiFi as we all get to share the same 2.4ghz and 5ghz spectrum for WiFi access.


Should I bring my StarLink dish to ToorCamp?

Easy answer is: It is not a good idea...

  • Are you worried about someone tripping, or falling over your dish or cable at 3am and breaking it?
    • StarLink may not warranty that.
    • If dishy is setup in a walk way or is a tripping hazard, dishy will find a new home inside your tent.
  • Do you understand you will need to power it on your own?
    • Each dish uses 150W of power, and we only have so many extension cords.
  • Do you understand that we will not provide space for your dish to have a clear "line of site" to the birds?
    • There are a ton of very tall tress in the area that will obscure your view.
  • The business class units that ToorCamp is being provided for this will have a higher class of service, and get much better service rates overall.
    • The entire camp will all be on the same SpaceX cell, so you bringing your dish, will just be all of us fighting for the same bandwidth and time slots.

Hopefully this answers your questions about Dishy at ToorCamp. Please plan ahead, and leave dishy at home.