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The greatest effort will be made to accommodate every camps power needs. Nevertheless Toorcamp does not have an unlimited amount of power to provide. Priority will be given to camps providing services for the greater community through presentations, workshops, installations & community services. Remaining power supply will be distributed to camps for their own internal usage.

Outlets for charging personal devices will be available in workshop areas, presentation areas and other locations throughout the camp.

Requesting Power

If your camp, workshop, installation has specific power needs that you would like to be included in the pre-event planning - please consider the following questions and send in a request for a power reservation.

  • How much & what kind of power do you need? (Volts, Amps & Watts are good things to include specifics for here)
  • Is any particular connector needed?
  • What times will you need the power? (i.e. During a Workshop, Daylight Hours, Night Hours)
  • Have you considered ways to minimize your power requirements? (i.e. Batteries, Solar, Generator)
  • Do you know where you will be needing the power? (In/near a cabin, in the open camping area, reserved camping area, quiet camping area)
  • Do you have the ability to bring the power to you? (i.e. Do you have available extension cords to bring the power 50' to 100' to your needed area)