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Hurry! Tickets are almost sold out!

We are sorry about the technical difficulties we had with the early ticket release this year. This has caused a lot of headache for all parties involved and we are doing our best to handle the situation. If you have any questions or concerns, please email

Ticket Options

  • General Camping - Round 1, Round 2, Round 3
  • General Camping + Parking Pass: 1 General Camping Ticket with an offsite parking pass.
  • General Camping + RV Pass: 1 General Camping Ticket with an onsite RV parking pass. This ticket includes an onsite RV parking permit and if you have a tow vehicle, an offsite parking pass will be provided.
  • 1337 Private Camping Site: 2 General Camping Tickets with a private campsite for 2 and an offsite parking pass.
  • Parking Pass - Round 2: please fill out this form
  • Motorcycle Parking Pass: please fill out this form

More Info

NEW for 2024:

  • Parking: Every vehicle parking at ToorCamp is required to purchase a parking pass.
  • Vehicle camping: All camping vehicles must purchase an RV Pass.


Refunds on the system are disabled to users at 60 days before the event but we can manually send refunds with direct request through the system. We'll be cutting off refunds on May 31 since we are so close to the event and this is disruptive for planning. We are open to hear any hardship request anytime though. Please give us a moment to respond (or give us a nudge after the event). Thanks for your understanding. The Cr3w and I are excited to see everyone at Camp!