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Speakers should queue up next to stage, have slides ready to go if doing so, may be able to submit slides ahead of time to AV tech for quick transitions, or have tested presentation mode. Timer set for about 5 minutes, expect to be ceremoniously cut off and the next speaker will be up.

If you don't want your talk to be on youtube or recorded, please make a note; it helps if everyone who does not want it to be broadcast is together so the switch can be toggled fewer times.

If you are interested in giving a lightning talk, please add yourself here.


Lightning Talks are scheduled for Friday 5:00p-6:00p.

5:00 Name Topic
5:05 Name Topic
5:10 Name Topic
5:15 Name Topic
5:20 Name Topic
5:25 Name Topic
5:30 Name Topic
5:35 Name Topic
5:40 Name Topic
5:45 Name Topic
5:50 Name Topic
5:55 Name Topic


Lightning Talks are scheduled for 5:00-6:00pm on Friday. Order may be as queued, pre-listed should get priority.

  • Dean Pierce
    • The Summoning of Bastet
  • User:glitchdigger
    • Dead’N Gone Phishin’: Browser-in-the-Browser Phishing REVIVED (+ Illicit Consent Grant Forgery)
  • User:Sasquatch
    • Technology deployment in (developing nations) traditionally stable communities.
(Please no recordings)
  • User:ExplodingLemur
    • How do drones? Ever wonder how these swarms of angry bees with razor propellers spinning at thousands of RPM stay in the sky? I'll give a quick overview of all the sensors involved and what role they play in keeping these things aloft.
  • User:Poynting
    • Hacking a surplus 18GHz CAN-Controlled coaxial RF switch
  • Jasper van Woudenberg
    • Don’t hack hardware: Top ten reasons
    • Why the future of the internet broken and good intentions are making it worse


Lightning talks are scheduled 5:00-6:00 on Friday. richinseattle will MC if needed

Lightning Talks should be 10minutes or less.

If you are interested in giving a lightning talk, please add yourself here.

5:00 Angelina Allen-St. John Stupid Hackathon Kickoff
5:10 Jeremy Hong Getting on the air: My experiences with Ham radio QRP digital modes
5:20 Shubham Patil & Kai Devrim Sketching Yourself with Python
5:30 TProphet Why You Should Move To An Exclave
5:40 Nick Short Lasers & Satellites: Land Survey
5:50 Andrew Schmitz Students and Cybersecurity: CodeCup
5:55 Sasquatch Expectations for managing minors and dependents