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A village is a distinct area of ToorCamp that is run by a group or community. Please browse through this list, but even more important: Browse through ToorCamp and have a chat with the villages around!

Some villages are just a bunch of normal sleeping tents whose inhabitants feel a sense of community, but most of them have a public space to hang out together, work on a shared project, and present what they are doing. Many of them organize their own workshops or other events. Everybody can participate and visit!

If you plan to cooperate with other villages, you should form a cluster. A cluster is a more or less a close group of villages that share a common interest or background and thus are placed next to each other.


If you have a ticket for ToorCamp, you can register your village by filling out the Village Placement Request form.

If you want to bring something big, like a pop-up tent, please mention it on your village registration so that we can get an idea of the size of your village.

The deadline to get an assigned space for your village is May 27, 2024. If you register by then, we will try to find a spot that meets all your requirements.

After you have registered your village, use the Wiki Village Form to generate a wiki page and get added to the list below. (To refresh the table after filling out the form, you can find Refresh in the More menu just to the left of the Search bar.)

For any village related questions, please don't hesitate to contact us at

ToorCamp Villages

Shadytel: Shadytel is a trademark of Northwestern Telephone & Telegraph.

Beerocracy: Dot your i’s and cross your t’s in the proper beerocratic fashion

Milliways: The restaurant at the end of the universe.

Bacon HouseBacon House is all about self-care! Come visit us to fill your water bottles and more.
Black Lodge ResearchHackerspace based in Redmond, WA
CodeDayBringing a bunch of high school and college students from around the world.
HADM2024 Village
HackersOnABoatBoat people
Hipaa-campAFK space to recharge
House of PongPortland-ish, retrocomputer-ish, TV broadcasting, coffee roasting, Pong-playing folk
MoonrockHas a lot of people in common with the Burning Man camp of the same name
NarwhalIntersectional hackers: policy, academia, law, radio.
OlyMEGAOlympia Makers Engineers Geeks and Artists
RF PalaceRF Palace is a radio oriented camp
ShadytelThe incumbent provider of telecommunications services at Toorcamp
TC503Dorkbot/503/PDX/ctrlh camp
TCombinatorToorcamp startup accelerator
Unix-Haters FederationWe specialize in guerilla preservation of computer history.
VOID **GENDERA place to relax, be accepted, and participate in small easygoing activities in an unpressured atmosphere