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Contact Deviant, Pandora, and Caróg
Description A place to relax, be accepted, and participate in small easygoing activities in an unpressured atmosphere
Projects Open Bar
Self-organized Sessions create self-organized session
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Location for self-organized sessions No
Location 48.64227342518707 N, -122.78021516510947 E


Has gender got you feeling down? Do you wish that society would place less emphasis on chromosomes, meat suit plumbing, and markers on our official paperwork? Well then cast gender to VOID and be freed from those annoying chains and expectations! While all of ToorCamp is a welcoming place for queer and genderqueer folk of every stripe, some of us want to usher in the revolution and revolt against societally-dictated endocrine expectations and biological binaries more than most. Camp VOID **GENDER is a place explicitly welcoming and affirming to biohackers, our trans siblings, and anyone else who wishes that gender played a far smaller role in our everyday lives than it does right now. Also we generally serve free tasty drinks and offer up small activities and challenges for those who are inclined. Free swag give-aways are typically available. Bring a cup and an open mind, heart, and mouth.

A Note about our 2024 Contest and Open Bar

Thank you to everyone who has generously offered potential donations to the Booze Box challenge at our camp this year. It seems as though we will definitely have sufficient libations to fill all 16 compartments (we are bringing over a dozen items ourselves and a handful of other folk who have messaged us, as well.) So we're looking pretty covered, at least for the start of things... but since a number of folk have asked me questions, we've got some additional details here about the mailboxes themselves.

  • The actual individual mailboxes are 5"x6"
  • But the opening for each little mailbox door is 4.75" x 5.75"
  • So any round bottle with just under 15" circumference will fit, or a rectangular bottle would have to make it through the above-specified dimensions
  • We will have a couple of spare empty bottles and a funnel if it comes to that... so we can transfer from an oversize container, if need be

While we love the enthusiasm from everyone, some folks' offers are less feasible. The above-mentioned dimensions are what we're working with. Bottles will be laying on their sides. The Booze Box has no climate control. So while we love the energy of everyone's offers, the folk who have said things like, "I brew my own kratom-based mead flavored with antarctic snakeskin! I'm bringing eight gallons of it to ToorCamp inside of a gigantic hollowed-out pumpkin... can we donate it to the Open Bar mailbox challenge? If we keep it at 36.5 degrees it tastes amazing, but if it gets warmer than 50 degrees it explodes." please understand that such offers bring with them more complications than our camp is prepared to handle, hah.

(But speaking of handles, if you have like a 175ml giant bottle of something very special and you wish to see it represented in the challenge, as mentioned above we will have three empty glass bottles and a funnel) in general the box will be well-stocked and we welcome everyone showing up with their picks and their glasses.