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Contact Bee, beeisabella on Discord, wanderingmasterbee@gmail.com
Description AFK space to recharge
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Location for self-organized sessions Yes


HIPPA-Camp, or HIPPO Camp, is the AFK/Sanctuary Space outside the Security House. Please Contact Bee for requests, curiosity, ideas and concerns. Guidelines: Please Wear Headphones Talking in quiet tones okay unless someone asks for Quiet. You can Always ask for Quiet. Feel free to use any materials inside, but please return where you found it. No alcohol or drug use inside. If you are intoxicated, feel free to come in, just please do not imbibe further.

Drink water, charge electronics, color, rest.

If further support is needed, please press the button to summon BIOSS Team

Some times may be reserved for events, please respect signage if so.