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Contact Brendan O'Connor,
Description Intersectional hackers: policy, academia, law, radio.
Projects Nurse Log
Self-organized Sessions Madame Tubercula's House of Pain, Narwhal 2024 S'More Invitational
Registered on
Location for self-organized sessions Yes


Narwhal is a gathering point for two separate (though closely related) ideas in security:

  • There needs to be a space in security for people who don’t do red team work—policy, compliance, and academia are critical parts of security.
  • Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a space for people who didn’t hate on education, diverse backgrounds, and/or anything that reminded them there was more than one way to do and/or be security?

The upshot is that we're a friendly, deeply-intersectional group of nerds. Narwhal spins out working groups for new work all the time, and we'll bring the ones that wish to come with us to camp!

Joining us for the first time in 2024 is the Narwhal Amateur Radio Society (, our ham radio club, who will be demonstrating ham radio hijinks for the masses.

Want to come play with tech, have interesting conversations, and meet people broadening what nerds can do? Join us.

Narwhal 2024 Members
Contact Name Number of People Number of Tents Number of Other Structures Number of Arts
Brendan O'Connor 3 3 (1 giant) 2 (antenna mast, open canopy) 2
Grant Dobbe 4 2 ? ?
Herr Doktor Maus 1 2 ? ?
Shevek 2 2 ? ?
Sony 1 1 ? ?
Dakota 3 3 ? ?
Benson 2 2 0 0
Mills 2 1 ? ?
Kathleen Tuite 3 2 (1 4-person family, 1 bigger optional tarp shelter) 0 0
Vicky Tuite 1 1 0 0
Total 22 19 2 2

(Note: "number of tents" includes screen tents and canopy tents, not just sleeping tents)