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Contact Bliss (Rebecca Demarest Panzer)
Description Bacon House is all about self-care! Come visit us to fill your water bottles and more.
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Bacon House is the official self-care stop at camp. Yes, we like Bacon, no you don't have to like Bacon to hang with us, we welcome all kinds of dietary preferences and restrictions! We are a place to fill water bottles, pick up a band-aid, get some electrolytes or slather on some sunscreen. The majority of folks in Bacon House are also camp staff and/or volunteers. If you have questions, we likely have answers. You'll be able to find us because we have hats. With bacon on them.

If you're wondering how we became a camp named after a breakfast food that isn't focused on actually serving bacon, the answer is amusing. A long time ago in a land far away (2014, and in Boston) a very sleep-deprived friend tried to say she was crashing on the couch at Becca and Jason's house and she instead created the portmanteau Bac+on from our names. We have been Bacon House ever since, incorporating Bacon not only into many of our group dinners, but also in our wedding (brunch, in our vows, and our favors), our décor, and even going so far as to being a registered officiant in the Church of Bacon (that's Bliss, taking the joke as far as she can). Anyone need to get married at camp?

We welcome folks to come get water, there will be special stickers each day that you can collect by filling your bottles, and we may or may not be appearing in multiple quests. We also welcome folks to stop by and have a chat on a wide variety of interesting topics, including, but not limited to writing, science fiction, fantasy, music, electronic music production, diversity, equity, and inclusion in tech spaces and beyond, bees, and more!

And yes, we have a stamp for your passport and/or Beerocracy paperwork. You must fill your water bottle to get a stamp.