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Contact @blueaudioben on Discord
Description RF Palace is a radio oriented camp
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Hi hello yes we are the RF Palace

Sparky the RF Palace Mascot

RF Palace is a radio camp. We have HF ham radio stations for global communication, and offer radio related services like Amateur Radio License testing, a Meshtastic repeater, frequency coordination, Stratum 1 NTP service, and more.

  • Come by the village and we'll stamp your ToorCamp passport!
  • You can come by and get on the radio with us! Just ask for a licensed radio operator to sit with you! If you make some contacts we'll even throw a few shadybucks your way.
  • Amateur Radio license exam times will be announced at camp. If you pass you'll even get some shadybucks.

RF Palace Phone Directory

3210 - RF Palace Front Desk
3211 - RF Palace Conference Line
3212 - RF Palace Fax Services

Wireless Services and Frequencies at Camp

Where is everyone? Oh here they are.


Do you like anonymous communications? Do you like using technology that will help you navigate the fall of civilization? Do you like cheap fun gadgets you can use after camp is over? Well have we got the tech for you!

RF Palace will be running a Meshtastic router service that should cover the entire camp. Buy and bring your own 915Mhz Meshtastic device and wirelessly text with all of your friends without selling your soul to shady telecom companies. Not sure how to get set up? Come by the RF Palace anytime during camp and we can help you out. Check out Meshtastic today!

ToorCamp Meshtastic Setup Instructions can be found on the Wireless Communications page:

Learn More:

Buy One:


Everyone needs the time now and then. RF Palace is offering two GPS synchronized Stratum 1 on the camp network.

NTP Servers

Foxhunt Challenge

Find the fox, get a rare stamp of Sparky for your camp passport and some shadybucks. It's as simple as that.

The fox is a radio transmitter hidden somewhere around ToorCamp. Use your technical sleuthing skills to find it! Once you've found the fox take a photo of it, give it a pat on the head, and then leave it be. It's shy. Come back to the RF Palace to tell us where you found it and show us the photo to get your reward. Don't tell anyone else where it is or you'll spoil the fun. We reserve the right to move the Fox whenever it tells us it's bored.

Learn more about Foxhunting here:

When you're ready, listen on FRS Channel 14 to get started.

Conference Line

10 Dial extension 3211 or tune to FRS Channel 12
20 Listen
30 Talk
40 GOTO 20

Phone Patch

We'll let you know.

Radio Software via FTP

You might not have realized you wanted to do radio things before you got to camp. We've got you covered, here's a repo with some of the most common radio software out there. It's probably clean but we won't be offended if you submit it to VirusTotal to check.

Software Repo


Sometimes we'll have a radio listening to the global SSTV frequencies. When we receive a photo we'll upload it to an FTP server just for you to browse. Isn't that nice?


We're running MQTT to collect Meshtastic messages so why not let you use it for your projects too. Just don't break everything. If you think you'll be pushing a high volume of messages, let us know first.

MQTT Server


ToorCamp Planning Sheet