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A project is a collaborative enterprise that brings together certain people, groups, or communities. A project is normally connected to one or more Villages. You can use a project page to describe the different things which go on in your village besides Self-organized Sessions and regular camping.

Please browse through this list to find interesting projects, but even more important: Browse through ToorCamp and and have a chat with the people from the projects you found interesting!

If you work on some project at ToorCamp or just want to show what you are usually working on, you're encouraged to tell others about your presence and what you're doing.

You can create a page for your project using the project form. You can also add a project section to your Village page. (To refresh the table after filling out the form, you can find Refresh in the More menu just to the left of the Search bar.)

List of Projects

2m FoxoringFind small hidden radio transmitters
BikesharingTesting & developing an open source bikesharing stack. Bring your bike!Open Village
Experimental Circuit-Switched Telephony NetworkThe Shadytel NetworkShadytel
FutelWe buy bulk Shadytel VoIP and resell itHouse of Pong
GlitchdiggerSynthetic Threat IntelHAMB
Linoleum Block Passport StampsCarve your own linoleum block passport stampMoonrock
Moonrock Tattoo StudioMoonrock Tattoo Studio at NIGHTMRKTMoonrock
Nurse LogParticipatory art project: come add medications to a log. You'll see when you get here.Narwhal
Open BarA self-serving, self-stocking lockpicking contest and open barVOID **GENDER
Stupid HackathonThe Stupid Shit No One Needs & Terrible Ideas HackathonMoonrock
VAX-11VAX-11Unix-Haters Federation

There are 11 announced projects.