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Description A self-serving, self-stocking lockpicking contest and open bar
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Self-organized sessions create self-organized session
Located at village Village:VOID **GENDER
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We're bringing free drinks to ToorCamp... Your only job is to bring your lockpicks. 🔓

We labored on this build for months. Deviant had this idea as an outgrowth of their old mailbox challenge at previous camps...

... and in 2024 we made our interactive art installation even more visibly exciting and community-focused! At ToorCamp in 2024, we created "Open Bar" at camp VOID **GENDER. Simply put: this is an open bar where anyone who is of legal age can stop by for a quick free taste of a wide range of libations. The only catch: all of the bottles will start at ToorCamp being locked away, and one-by-one the dedicated attendees will liberate them and share with others.