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We will do our best efforts to update this page when new information is received.

ToorCamp is located at Doe Bay Resort & Spa. Doe Bay Resort sits on 38 acres of the most beautiful, pristine waterfront land on the San Juan Islands. ToorCamp rents out the entire property so this is where you will find ToorCamp specific information about the venue. Also, check out the SitePhotos for visuals.

Doe Bay General Store

The General Store has limited supplies, groceries, beer, wine, sundries, clothing, gifts, and souvenirs. The Store will have some freshly made grab-and-go food items available and is stocked with various dry goods, frozen treats, beverages, etc. There is also a self-service coffee station with locally roasted organic coffee available when the Cafe is closed. The Store does sell ice, but demand will be very high so they won't be able to keep up with demand.

Hours: Open daily 9:00a-5:00p with extended hours during ToorCamp on Thursday, Friday, Saturday 9:00a-9:00p

Doe Bay Cafe

You’re in for a treat when you dine at the Doe Bay Cafe, which offers some of the finest seed-to-table dining in the region with amazing views. Most of what is served is grown in their on-site garden so the menu changes weekly. You can view their previous menu offerings on their website. They also serve espresso and tea.

Reservations are required for dinner service and parties of 6 or more for breakfast service. Reservation inquiries can be made at (make sure to state you are with ToorCamp).

ToorCamp Hours: Thursday to Sunday 8:00a-12:00p brunch, 5:00-8:00p dinner

Soaking Tubs & Sauna

Come relax in the Doe Bay Spa, which offers 3 outdoor soaking tubs and a sauna with a creek side deck set over a waterfall with incredible views. Please read the rules and sign the waiver before use. There are also outdoor showers, a changing room, and restroom located at the spa. Don't forget to bring your own towel. The Spa ADA back gate (along the trail down to Otters Cove) serves as the entrance; the Spa front gate remains closed. Please follow all posted rules. Outdoor showers must be used each and every time before using the tubs or sauna. Please use a towel to sit on while using the sauna. No drugs, alcohol, smoking, pets, photography, or glass containers are allowed.

Please see Spa for more details.

Public Amenities

Check out the pics.

Guest Kitchen

The Guest Kitchen is located in the Prime District (Lower Field) adjacent to Lower Bathhouse and provides a full kitchen space and kitchenware. It includes 2 full-sized refrigerators, 2 standard-sized ranges, a propane grill (propane supplied by Doe Bay), microwave, toaster, coffee maker, tea kettle, pots and pans, cooking and eating utensils, plates, bowls, cups, etc. There is indoor and outdoor seating. There is also a large dish washing sink at Lower Bathhouse.

Upper and Lower Bathhouses

The Upper and Lower Bathhouses each have showers and toilets. The toilets are closed 11:00a-7:00p daily to ease strain on the septic system, but the showers remain open all hours. There is also a large dish washing sink at Lower Bathhouse. When the toilets are closed, please use the portalets that are available throughout Doe Bay.

Camper Comfort Station

If you are camping in the Nature District, a camper comfort station is provided with potable water and lockers/storage to help keep your food safely secured and out of the reach of the greatest resident pest, the raccoon! We urge you not to leave food in your tent, even at night. This is also where you will find port-o-lets and a fire station nearby.

Electric Vehicle Charging Station

There is a ChargePoint, Level 2, 240 volt, J-1772 supply charging station located on Homestead Rd, adjacent to the Doe Bay Garden where you can charge for free. Please move your vehicle once done charging.


Doe Bay accommodations include deluxe and rustic cabins, yurts and domes, and private campsites. All deluxe cabins (with plumbing) are reserved for cr3w, villages, and sponsors. The other accommodations are prioritized to villages, speakers, DJs, etc. If there any remaining available accommodations, they will become available to general attendees (accommodations without plumbing only). Please be respectful of cabins and do not enter unless invited.

Complimentary wagons and carts are provided to help you transport your camping gear and supplies, but with the high demand it's a good idea to bring your own if you have one. These can be found in the parking lots. Please return cart immediately after use so it is available for the next person.

Check out the pics.


Fire Safety Policy

Doe Bay does not allow open flames of any kind on the property other than the community fire ring and propane cook stoves. No campfires, propane fire pits, candles or incense are allowed at the cabins or campsites. There are fire extinguishers located in red boxes on the outside of each cabin and a fire station along the trail to Nature District.

If there is no burn ban during ToorCamp, come gather round the community fire ring and have some s'mores.

Trash & Recycling

Please make sure you are putting refuse in the appropriate bin; they may not be the color you are used to. Garbage and recycle dumpsters can be found in the garages located across from the General Store and along Homestead Rd in front of the Doe Bay Garden. There will also be dumpsters located at Registration, Upper Bathhouse, and in the upper field parking lot. ToorCamp is not fully pack-in/pack-out, but we are on an island and would greatly appreciate it if people would pack out their own trash and do your best to minimize it.


ToorCamp begins on Wednesday when general attendees begin arriving and setting up their camps. Villages (and cabins) are allowed early access on Tuesday to build out their infrastructures. Talks and workshops begin on Thursday. Cabin and yurt check-in is 3:00p.m.


ToorCamp ends on Sunday when everyone packs up and heads to #ferrycon. General camping check-out is 1:00p. If you are on a late ferry, there is plenty to do on the island or in town.

Cabin and yurt check-out is at 11:00am. Please return your cabin/yurt key to the Store when you are ready to check out. Since housekeeping will have their hands full, please make all efforts to leave cabins in decent shape before you check-out. It would help immensely if you could strip the bedding and throw out any opened food. Any unopened food can be left behind for donations.


Water sources include deluxe cabins, guest kitchen, bathrooms, camper comfort station, and the water spigot by the yoga studio. All water is potable, except water in the garden is well water and tastes of sulphur but likely not dangerous, and all water at the spa besides the drinking fountain is also sulphur well water. Doe Bay will label non-potable water.

Cellular Service

T-Mobile is the only carrier who gets decent coverage at Doe Bay. Verizon gets weak signal and only in certain spots. AT&T had the worst coverage, barely getting a signal most of the time. This is derived from speed tests that were done in Feb 2024 with phones from each carrier tested at various points throughout camp. The ToorCamp WiFi Network will have you covered everywhere though!


If you are hammock camping, there are a lot of trees throughout the property. Please use your best judgment when finding a spot, stay out of vegetation, don't block paths and trails, stay out of the official campsites, and be respectful of other's spaces or views.

Food and Critters

Do not leave food out or in tents. There are animals that will wander camp at night (and sometimes during the day), such as deer and raccoons, that will get in your food, claw at your tent, or take off with your whole bag. It is also recommended you do not leave your car windows rolled down (don't ask). There are some food lockers at the Camper Comfort Station, and the Guest Kitchen is available.

Otter's Lodge

If you would like a moment of peace, check out Otter Lodge, located downstairs from the Cafe. The lounge and library offers a selection of books, games, and puzzles. And you won't want to miss the gorgeous view from the outdoor deck.

Quiet Hours

Quiet hours are 10:00p-8:00a. County outdoor sound ordinance kicks in at 10:00p. Please be respectful of the residents that live next door and around the property.


ToorCamp has full resort rental but all roads are public and must remain clear for emergency access. Do not block roads at any time. There are residents that live beyond the property who use Homestead Road. Please obey Private Property signs and do not wander off Doe Bay grounds.

ADA Resources

There is an ADA shower bathroom at the Upper Bathhouse. There is an ADA toilet stall at the Lower Bathhouse, but accessing the Lower Bathhouse may be difficult for a wheelchair. There is a handicap parking space next to the Doe Bay Store and Upper Bathhouse. Please let us know if you need a handicap parking space. Mandala and Hara are ADA accessible cabins.

Mooring Buoy

Guests that choose to arrive to Doe Bay via their private boat may anchor at their own risk. Doe Bay does not have a public mooring buoy or dock. There are two private mooring buoys that may be available (for 2024, the buoys have been booked). Do not tie up to private mooring buoys without a reservation.

First Aid and Emergencies

If you are in need of first aid, you can go to the Retreat House or flag down Cr3w and they can radio the medical staff to come to you.

Free phone for local and emergency calls on the General Store front porch. (Doe Bay after hours emergency line: (360) 376-5668; best to call 9-1-1)


The closest town to Doe Bay is Eastsound, which is a 20-min drive away. This is where the closest grocery store is, gas station, shops, restaurants, etc. It is between the ferry and Doe Bay so you can pick up any last minute supplies before arriving or if you want to wait out the ferry rush at Registration.


These services are provided onsite at Doe Bay by independent outside vendors. Please contact them directly for booking.


There are 2 onsite massage cabins (Maya and Saraswati) so ToorCamp attendees can book a massage with Kerstin (daily) or Iona (Fri/Sat). Make sure to book early as their schedules will fill up and be sure to mention you are with ToorCamp. Sessions are booked directly with the therapist, not through ToorCamp or Doe Bay.

Kayak Tours

Book a kayak tour that launches right from Doe Bay through Shearwater Adventures!

Further Questions

Please do not contact or email Doe Bay directly. Since ToorCamp rents out the entire property, Doe Bay will just forward you to us. Please email and we can get the answers for you.