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  • ToorCamp Stupid Hackathon: You are cordially invited to the second biennial ToorCamp Stupid Hackathon. The Stupid Hackathon presents an opportunity to create the most useless, dangerous and/or variously unwise things you can imagine.
  • Capture the Flag!: EuphoriaCTF is a capture the flag contest that takes the form of a hacking simulation where you will complete a progressive set of challenges involving hacking history, cracking passwords, data analysis, reverse engineering, and exploitation! Capture the Flag contest brought to you by Fuzzing IO and Beerocracy with prizes from New Relic!
  • DecoContest: Decorate your village or tent and win the adoration of your fellow DeerPunk campers and some cool prizes!
  • Titanium Chef Contest: Similar to the popular Iron Chef TV Show, Titanium Chef is a cooking contest for hackers where contestants are given a special ingredient and they have a limited amount of time to cook the best meal that they can.
  • d33rpunk Rift: A Zelda themed game where you collect stickers and patches by completing activities (quest) around the camp.
  • SideQuests: Psychoholics brings you a scavenger hunt style game where you get assigned missions to complete to make Camp better! (For some very specific definitions of better, chosen entirely by us at random) Side Quests will send you all over ToorCamp, getting you interacting with your fellow campers, earning you much sought after Psychoholics bottle caps.
  • Futel Voice Challenge: Glory awaits the contestants of the Futel Voice Challenge! Call FUTL (3885) or visit any Futel phone.