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The Story so far...

The Dark Lord Gannon in his never ending quest for knowledge, power, and courage was tinkering with the Triforce in the basement of his Castle. While experimenting with the ancient device, he accidentally breaks the Triforce into many fragments. And in doing so, opens a portal into another plane of existence.

Hearing the calamity in the basement, Princess Koko and her friends rush down to discover the rift. Curious, they inch forward toward the glowing vortex and then are sucked into the Rift along with the fragments of the Triforce.

Adventurers, you must help Koko explore this new world and collect the fragments in hopes of rebuilding the Triforce to find your way home.


The Legend of Koko: d33rpunk Rift

d33rpunk Rift is a Zelda themed game where you are trying to rebuild the broken Triforce by completing activities/quest around ToorCamp. At the start, most of the quest can be found in the Prime district. More quest will be unlocked through the durations of the camp. Every time you finish a quest, you will get a fragment of the Triforce. A fragment is a sticker or stamp that the quest giver hands out when the quest is completed. Collect 3 fragments and get you 1 of the 3 Triforce Patches. Collect all the patches to reopen the Rift and head home. Quest will be active until 1600 Saturday.



Orientation starts at 1430 at the Prime Dome on Thursday. This will be a primer for people who have not been to the camp before and an introduction to the different areas of the camp. During the orientation, we will be splitting the kids up into 3 groups to visit 3 locations where they can find quest; ToorCamp Kids Basecamp, the Great Faerie Yurt, and the Hardware Hacker Stage. They will rotate between the locations to get instructions on each place. After a full rotation, we'll all head down to the front of the yoga studio for birthday cake and ice cream.

Please RSVP Here for the birthday party.