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Village:Psychoholics is bringing back the Side Quests contest to this year's ToorCamp.

What is all this?

Hello, SideQuestor!

ToorCamp desperately needs your help. Why, you ask? Is it to build a telephone network from scratch, it's own banking system, a stand up soup kitchen, or it's very own bureaucratic nightmare designed to separate you from your beer as inefficiently as possible?

No, it totally has that covered.

What it *needs* are people to bring about more of the every day shenanigans and hijinks that make ToorCamp the Camp we know and love.

That's where you come in!

Come do Side Quests! Where you get assigned missions to complete to make Camp better! (For some very specific definitions of better, chosen entirely by us at random).

Philosophize with strangers! Engage in disinformation! "Beautify" the camp! Learn to emphasize with, sympathize with, and ostracize your fellow campers! Become the antics everyone talks about!

Have you ever wondered how good your ability to Mime is?

Do you know who at camp can certify your ability to find rocks?

Do you love animals, and things pretending to be animals?

If you answered yes (or no! We're not picky!) to any of these, then Side Quests are for you!

How do I participate?

Head over to the Psychoholics camp to sign up. Get your Side Quest today! New this year, Side Quests will also have a mobile outpost at NIGHTMRKT for late night questing.

How does this work?

Side Quests is a scavenger hunt style game. It leans more toward doing a thing instead of bringing us a thing, but there is a bit of everything in there. Side Quests sends you all over ToorCamp, and gets you interacting with your fellow campers.

Points are rewarded for each quest completed. If you complete the quest, one point. Completed it with some style and creativity, two points. Blow us away, three points. We also give you some Psychoholics bottle caps for your troubles. Psychoholics bottle caps are a physical tangible currency, great for all kinds of goods, services, and bribery. Once you have completed a quest our system will assign you a new randomly chosen quest for you to go forth and complete.

You are allowed to have up to three active quests assigned to you at any one time. You can abandon a quest, if you don't think you can accomplish it. But unless you can really convince us why we should mark the quest complete without you having done it, abandoning a quest is negative one point.

You can choose to do quests solo, or find yourself a friend to adventure with together. There are LOTs of quests, so you are always going to want to have some on hand to complete as you go about experiencing ToorCamp.

Is Side Quests Kid Friendly?

While Side Quests for the most part is PG, there may be quests (very few) that contain profanity, or bring about potentially unwanted questions from young minds.

When registering we do ask if you are over 18 or not, so our system does not hand out any of the quests we flagged that probably shouldn't be sent to kids. But as always, you as the parent/guardian know what's acceptable or not for your child, we encourage that you work with your kids when getting quests from the system.

Are there prizes?

Are there prizes? Look at this person. You are asking if there are prizes other than the experiences and stories you will have forever? Being the famed winner of our fun little contest isn't good enough? Ok, well ... we probably have some neat stuff around here somewhere to give to the winner.