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ToorCamp is run and organized top to bottom by volunteers. We do this for fun and for the community. If you enjoy working on your vacation, you may want to join the Cr3w.

Types of Volunteers


Volunteers are paying attendees who have a few free cycles and want to help. Usually people chip in to help with setup, teardown, meal prep, or teaching.


Staff members are part of the Cr3w who attend ToorCamp to help run the event. It is considered a full time position at the camp. Most Staff comes in early to help setup, run, and teardown the Camp.

Staff Leads and Department Heads

These are Veteran Staff members who are the backbone of the Cr3w. They spend countless hours before the event to run and organize the teams that put ToorCamp together.

Cr3w Departments

Mission Support Departments

These are teams that are front facing and work most directly with attendees (Front of the house).

  • Registration
  • Safety and Security
    • Medical
    • Mental health
    • Security
  • SpaceTeam!
    • Power
    • Villages
  • Speaker Ops
  • The Lol
  • Workshops

Operations Support Departments

These are teams that work on infrastructure and the logistics of the camp (Back of the house).

  • Art - All things design and collateral
  • Facilities
    • A/V
    • Construction
    • IT
    • Lighting
    • NOC
  • Kitchen

Becoming a Volunteer

Please email tim@toorcon.org with your contact info, the days you can help out, and what job you want to help doing (if you have any preference).

"2018 staff pic"