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Vehicle camping is any vehicle used for camping during the event, such as RVs, pop-tops, trailers, or campers choosing to sleep in their car.

NEW for 2024: All camping vehicles must purchase an RV Pass in order to be placed in a vehicle camping space at ToorCamp.

The General Camping + RV Pass ticket includes an on-site RV parking permit and if you have a tow vehicle, an off-site parking permit will be provided.

What to expect

RV Passes are for vehicles that will be used for camping during the event, such as RVs, pop-tops, trailers, or cars that campers wish to sleep in. For the safety of you and your neighbors, once a camping vehicle has been parked, they are not allowed to move and must stay parked for the duration of the event.

ToorCamp has just a few designated areas within Doe Bay where we are allowed vehicle camping. These vehicle camping spots are generally located in or near the existing parking lots on the property and will be grouped with other similar sized camping vehicles. There are more opportunities for camping vehicles that are under 20 feet in length, and due to our space limitations, vehicles over 25 feet are not allowed.

Once you have parked in your designated space, you will not be able to move your vehicle until the end of the event. There are no in & out privileges for vehicles used for camping. If you need to leave early (before Sunday), please let a member of Space Team know so that they can help direct you out safely.

Towing vehicles that were used to tow a camping trailer or pop-up camper will not be parked next to your assigned camping spot. If you might need your towing vehicle parked near your trailer, you may send a request to SpaceTeam at

Power & Hookups

Doe Bay's electrical situation has limitations, so we encourage you to plan ahead, as we cannot guarantee that we can bring power to your parking spot/campsite. There will be public outlets and opportunities to charge your devices.

Doe Bay does not have any RV hook-ups on the property.

Doe Bay discourages the use of generators, but, if necessary (to be determined on a case by case basis), they can be run minimally and respectfully.

Extra kudos if you are set up for boondocking!


Questions can be directed to SpaceTeam at