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  1. register your kid
  2. Daycare-share for hackers under 6
  3. Bring a workshop/activity to share for hackers over 5


Please make sure to fill out the ToorCamp Kids Registration form so we can make sure to have enough sitters and activities setup for your little ones!


We're setting up a daycare to cover all of the time that talks are going on at the camp and kid-focused workshops for those older kid hackers that are able to make it out! Activities will be set up near the Retreat House in the lower part of the upper field. If you're interested in registering your kid for daycare (<6 y/o), we just ask that you volunteer for an hour each day that your kid is in daycare.

Kids Workshops

If you're bringing an older kid (> 5 y/o), there will be activities and workshops. These aren't daycare, they're activities for you to work on with your kid.

From about 10AM to Noon each day, we'll have some organized activities running.

The rest of the day, there'll be some activities for you do work on yourself with your younger hacker

If you've got a kid and would like to add an activity, take a look at this google doc to put your name down for an activity to share with the other kids at camp. A few ideas were previously brainstormed on the ideas for kid workshops page. Check them out for inspiration.

Legacy: 2018 Kids Activities Schedule

Thursday 10AM-Noon

  • joe fitz - jovo building tiles
  • joe fitz - DIY Newton's Cradles

Friday 10AM-Noon

  • joe fitz - CO2 bubbles
  • joe grand - coke and mentos

Friday Noon-4PM

Saturday 10AM-Noon

  • joe fitz - assorted soldering projects (pending equipment)
  • anna - snap circuits?

Any Time on your own

- Large newtons cradle - AR sandbox - Jumbo Jovo building tiles - Snap Circuits