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Note: Kids Camp is not a daycare and is not hosted by ToorCamp. It is just another theme village so please contact the village host with any questions.

Kids workshops for your little ones! Hang out space with kid focused things and light snacks. Make sure to register them! Adult guardians volunteering to be in the space during the time that talks are happening, quid pro quo setup.


  1. register your kid
  2. Volunteer for a couple shift to hang in the space.
  3. Bring a workshop/activity to share. Let us know in the registration the details.


Please make sure to fill out the Kids Camps Registration form so we can make sure to have enough guardians and activities setup for your little ones!

What is Kids Camp?

We're setting up a kid friendly space to cover all of the time that talks are going on at the camp. We are also hosting kid-focused workshops for those older kid hackers that are able to make it out! Location is still TBD but will be announced in the days leading up to the event. If you're interested in registering your kid to participate(out of diapers, able to go to the bathroom without assistance, etc), we just ask that you volunteer for a couple shifts during the time you are at ToorCamp.

Kids Workshops

If you're bringing an older kid (out of diapers, semi independent), there will be activities and workshops. These aren't the same as the hang out space, they're activities for you to work on with your kid. If you have an idea for a Workshop let us know in the registration form above. NOTE: you can do this even without a Kid to register.

2024 Schedule

josh armour - synthesizer stimming/jamming

  • eurorack with variety of modules available

josh armour - drawing with Stable Diffusion

  • installing stable diffusion
  • finding models
  • how to prompt correctly
  • inpainting, masking, etc
  • video
  • audio/midi

josh armour - intro to 3d printing

  • slicing an object
  • printing on bambu x1c

topher - minecraft servers

TBD - $Your_Name_Here


Kids Camp is not a daycare and is not hosted by ToorCamp.