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Beerocracy and Fuzzing IO are proud to present an all new hacking RPG / CTF challenge at Toorcamp 2022!

EuphoriaCTF is a capture the flag contest that takes the form of a hacking simulation where you will complete a progressive set of challenges involving hacking history, cracking passwords, data analysis, reverse engineering, and exploitation!

Players will connect to the Euphoria Cafe BBS and enter a world of underground hacking like its 1999. Check your echomail, play games, or get to work on jobs fit for a cyberpunk netrunner!

Connection Information

ssh -p2222 password: toorcamp


Who can participate?

Any ToorCamp attendee is eligible to participate. The game will be restricted to onsite attendees only. The game has been designed to allow entry level players to make some progress and enjoy the game while more advanced players will eventually find higher difficulty challenges requiring writing full remote exploits.

How do I participate?

The competition will begin Wed, Jul 13 8:00 PM and end Sat, Jul 16 at 5:00 PM. Connection information will be posted at the top of this page prior to the start time. Participants will submit a tokens generated by the CTF to register progress for scoring. Winners will be announced and prizes awarded in the Prime Dome before closing remarks on Saturday. The game will stay live until Sunday morning for people still wishing to solve challenges for fun.

What can I win?

New Relic has very generously sponsored prizes for this competition including JBL Headphones and an XBOX One!