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Beerocracy Logo


Here a crat, there a crat, everywhere a Beerocrat. Ready to embrace the Beerocracy and visit our camp; a Tourist Visa you must earn! Spy one of us business forward tie-wearing Beerocrat members in good standing and ask us for a form. Dot your i’s and cross your t’s in the proper beerocratic fashion to earn your stamps of approval and the honorary Beerocrat Badge.

Bring your friends to our special events, play our games, and collect limited edition swag – but earn the right permits to grant yourself access. Drinks and laughs for all ages available; permits (or bribes) are mandatory.

Activities & Projects

Besides our main camp shennanigans, we are hosting several other activities for Toorcamp, please check out their pages!

  • NIGHTMRKT - Come visit our booth at the NIGHTMRKT and trade your cool items for ours!
  • EuphoriaCTF - An all new hacking RPG / CTF challenge running all week at Toorcamp 2022!
  • ANSI Art Drink n Draw - Come drink and draw with us on Saturday!
  • Undercurrents BBS - We created this BBS before Toorcamp 2018 and it's still going strong. You may find some clues here to help with our other activities!