ANSI Art Drink n Draw

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ANSI Drink & Draw

Join us to celebrate the (almost) lost art of ANSI Art! We will be hosting collaborative servers that will show everyone drawing on the same canvas in real time and project in large format for people to watch.

When & Where

9PM Saturday at Beerocracy by the Yoga Studio

What is ANSI Art

ANSI Art is text mode art created by using block style font characters like ░▒▓█▓▒░ from the IBM VGA CP437 font set that was standard in the DOS era of computing in the 90s. Using only the 16 colors available in DOS text mode with block characters and other glyphs and a lot of creativity, this format was used to create the wonderful art of the BBS era.

For modern examples, check out these resources:

Who can participate?

Anyone can come and join us for drawing fun, first timers welcome and other mediums also welcome if you just want to be around others drawing. This event is not restricted to Toorcamp and others can feel free to join remotely.

How do I participate?

Bring your own computing device with PabloDraw or Moebius ANSI Art editors installed. Both support Windows, Linux, and MacOS. If you have a stylus, it will work best with Moebius.