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'Heyho, We're milliways! Moin!
We are a collective of people from over 15 countries around the world that attends and presents at hacker camps and conferences all over the world. We have been on WTH2005, CCC camp 2007, toorcamp 2009, WTH2009, CCC Camp 2011, toorcamp 2012, OHM2013, emfcamp 2014, CCC Camp 2015, toorcamp 2016, and now toorcamp 2018! So find us, grab a coin, swing by and kick back, and welcome to the restaurant at the end of the universe.

  • You can always find us in IRC on hackint #milliways

Curious? Tell us something:

  1. Who are you?
  2. How did you get here?
  3. What can Milliways do for you?
  4. What can you do for Milliways?
  5. What are you good at that isn't computers?

Toorcamp 2018

Registration: We are currently registered at around 350 people for a 500-person attendee cap. Round 3 tickets available @ 300.00 each (does not include children or furry friends). It will sell out shortly, and tickets are transferrable. You can get your ticket here , and you can also find people selling tickets on the Google forums above. For ticket returns, please email . Toorcamp is a community sponsored event and are always looking for volunteers

Call for participation in case you missed it: If you have a talk, now is the time to submit it. 50Min talks on thru and fri, 20min talks on sat, or 5min talks on fri night. NO money? NO problem, hold a workshop and get free admission to camp. You can submit here . OR maybe you just want to build something fun? Apply to the art grant to offset your costs,

Important dates:

  • March 30th -First Round of CFP Selection Announced
  • April 27th - Second Round of CFP Selection Announced
  • May 25th - Third Round of CFP Selection Announced
  • June 8th- Speaker & Sponsor Selection Finalized
  • June 20th- Move into ToorCamp
  • June 21st- ToorCamp 50-minute Talks & Workshops
  • June 22nd- ToorCamp 50-minute Talks &Workshops
  • June 23rd- ToorCamp 20-minute Talks & Workshops
  • June 24th- Move out of ToorCamp

Transportation to Seattle and camp:

  • 1. By far the easiest way is to fly into Seatac . The lightrail goes right into downtown Seattle and Capitol Hill. The cost from Seatac is around $3.75usd one-way and takes about 45min. A taxi from Seatac is around 38.00. I would find an airbnb in Capitol Hill as the lightrail drops you in the middle of it, along with restaurants, bars, and everything is walking distance. A hotel downtown works too, but be forewarned it’s peak tourist season and rates will be between 250+ per night
  • 2. An alternative would be to fly into Vancouver, BC and then find a way to camp, which creates a number of extra hassles. The best approach would be find a way to downtown Vancouver, BC to the Amtrak station and take the 516 Cascade that leaves at 7:45 daily, or the 518 Cascade that leaves at 7pm. If you do that take business class – you bypass lines, get a 10.00 food or drink voucher, and an almost guaranteed water view side – just make sure to ask for the water side. You then need to find a way to make it to Anacortes for the ferry, or could go to Seattle and catch a ride with someone or rent a car and drive up. Cascades schedule
  • 3. A third option would be to fly into Portland, rent a car and drive up.

Ferry: You will NEED FERRY RESERVATIONS far in advance, from Anacortes to Orcas Island. During peak season and with limited runs to Orcas Island, if you can’t get on it, could cause you to miss an entire day of camp. This happened for a number of people in previous years. You can make reservations here

IMPORTANT: There are only 2 ferry times for Orcas that do not involve off hours. 10:35am or 3:40pm. Do not miss one of those! The earlier ones at 5:30am and 7:30am require you to leave Seattle at 3:30am or 5am. The next available after the listed recommend ferry at 3:40pm is 6:30pm. Assuming you make it, you will get into camp, and have to set up camp in the dark. It’s a 40min drive from the ferry to Doe Bay. The 10:35am and 3:40pm will be largely toorcamp attendees, so reserve your spot before the tourists.

Note that the schedule changes going to toorcamp vs. coming back due to seasonal change

A reservation is $10.00usd to hold a spot, 100% refundable up until 24hrs in advance. Please arrive at the ferry no later than 35min prior or its possible they will release your ticket and you may not be able to board. Approximately 10% of all spaces are reserved for standing/no reservations. If you don’t know your exact day and time for a ferry reservation to get to Orcas – reserve a couple days, you can always cancel unnecessary ones within 24hrs.

Coming back to Anacortes from Orcas is not as bad, and it is more important to get reservations going there vs. the return, unless you are on a very tight deadline to make it to the airport.

You can also walk on the ferry with no car, or leave the car in Anacortes at he terminal. Limited taxis run from the ferry terminal on Orcas Island to Doe Bay, but it isn’t recommended and is a huge hassle before a camp. If you must walk on rather than take a car for any reason, befriend someone and bum a ride to Doe Bay, or hitchhike which is very common on Orcas. Toorcamp group also has various options for carpooling and bumming rides!forum/toorcamp

Campsites: Some groups have a dedicated campsites including milliways primary cabin and dome. Due to the hilly layout of Doe bay, it might be necessary to pitch your tent in the general camping area where it is flat. Note that there are raccoons EVERYWHERE and if you leave food around it will be ripped open. deer will nibble it at night
See milliways home base below. Hard to tell that is actually a hill. In front of those cabins are in-ground sewage aerators and camping is not allowed on top of them, nor would you want to.

Some people were caught off-guard last time by showing up a day early. You can’t set up gear before 11am the day of the event, including the milliways dome. If you plan on arriving early, you need to call doe bay and ask if any campsites are available before the 20th. IF necessary there is camping at Moran state park 15min away, or cabins in Eastsound such as which sell out far in advance.

Camp layout: Not labeled but various pics of cabins, sites, layout, kitchen, restaurant, library, and grocery store in town

RV’s: There are a limited number of RV spots available if not already reserved. Be aware no RV spaces have water or power hookups. You can inquire about this @ 360-376-2291 or

Trash: In general you should try to maximize the trash you pack out. There are 2 dumpers we generally use but it is slightly frowned upon.

Milliways home base:

Milliways tent/bags/pads camp gear:

  • and
  • For people who don’t have their own gear, we have a limited number of tents, sleeping bags, and sleeping pads. The sleeping bags are washed before each camp. A sign up sheet for equipment will be sent out at some point before camp. There are also a few locals where you can mail your gear if you would rather not travel with it due to space and size/weight restrictions. For basic camp gear (tent/bag/pad) milliways has the following:

  1. 1x green tent
  2. 1x bandom 3 person tent
  3. 1x ozark trail 10x8' tent
  4. 1x colman 3 person tent
  5. 1x altura 4 person tent
  6. 1x3 person tent (macker/emergency spare extra)

  1. 1x grey sleeping bag
  2. 1x ozark trail sleeping bag green
  3. 1xc olman sleeping bag green
  4. 1x ozark sleeping bag green
  5. 1x blue/grey sleeping bag
  6. 1x blue sleeping bag

  1. 1xcolman sleeping pad, self inflating (emersons)
  2. 1xgrey air matress
  3. 2x coleman queen quickbed tan
  4. 1x green intex matress
  5. 1x coleman air matress (ryd)
  6. 1x grey sleeping pad
  7. 1x inflatable mattress + electric pump (macker emergency spare)

These are given out based on location and priority of signup. EU folks get priority as it can be challenging to travel with camp gear.

Other gear: It's camp, you know the drill. Ruben from forums has a sample list he made:

Doe bay can get windy rapidly, and the San Juan islands have condensation every morning, even in summer, so expect your gear to get damp overnight before drying up during the day. The days are pleasant and the nights get cool, so bring your hoodies. Rain storms and weather patterns change frequently on the Rosario Strait which Doe bay faces. If space permits it’s recommended to bring 2 pairs of shoes. At a minimum bring flip-flops for shower even though they are cleaned daily. There is an onsite hot tub that is clothing optional. If you feel inclined pack your swimsuit or swim trunks.

Pets and your furry friend: Pets are allowed but just be aware there is an extra 25.00 per day if you have a cabin or yurt. For general camping or part of an existing camp and want to bring your furry friend, the general requirements are:

  1. An extra deposit if applicable depending on lodging
  2. Must be well behaved and good around not only people but also children
  3. Must be on a leash at all times. There might be a little wiggle room there if it’s very well behaved.
  4. You must pick up where your furry friend left off. Poop bags are not available onsite, please bring your own.
  5. Register your dog. Email Inform your camp as well as some people have allergies. Be a good person.

Mini-Humans: Toorcamp is welcome to all ages. While overall it is geared towards adults, the resort has a nice playground for the smallest ones, and various events for kids. Register your mini-human here . If you are under age an adult must accompany 18 you.

Safety: Safety is taken seriously. Have fun and be safe. There is an EMT staff on-site, and Fire Marshalls make rounds, which caught everyone, off-guard in 2016. To mitigate any Fire Marshall issues for the dome, the following has been implemented for Milliways camp/dome so we don’t have similar issues like in 2016:

  1. An emergency exit plan document, 2x copies. 1 kept on each side of dome.
  2. The purchase of 2 fire extinguishers to be kept on each side of the dome. Had tags certified and up to date.
  3. 1 person inside the dome cannot be drinking while on ‘duty’. Person on duty gets a chair.
  4. Person on duty must have in possession a razorblade/boxcutter. One will be kept on opposite side as well.
  5. Person on duty must be informed of emergency exit plan, i.e. cutting the tarp, nothing blocking escape route.
  6. Once the dome closes down for the night, a rope needs to be put over entrance until reopened in morning.

This might sound extreme but new safety measures for milliways were necessary per Fire Marshalls. The documented plan and fire extinguishers go above and beyond. We can’t get around the 1 person not drinking keeping watch, or roping off dome at night, or the box cutters.

For any ladies who might be expecting, or guys who are we to judge,, just note that the closest hospital is in Anacortes and you need a helicopter to get to mainland. Orcas residents carry insurance specifically for medevac to Anacortes. For any pre-existing conditions anyone thinks could potentially cause problems, look into trip insurance. Unlike Neah bay / toorcamps 2014 and prior, it is easier to get to Orcas than Neah Bay, it just creates a different set of issues to keep in mind being an Island. Useful resources if any of that applies to you:

FIRE: There are no fires allowed in Doe bay other than the communal fire pit. Everyone was hesitant at first but it ended up working out ok. Propane gas grills are allowed. Technically you are not allowed to bring propane tanks on the ferry, but they can be difficult to find on the island. Bring your own from the mainland. The island market does sell mini-tanks.

Food/water: As is tradition milliways will be cooking food for coin holders. Our home base is also next to the communal kitchen, which has 2 ovens, 2 fridges, and various dishes. There is also a restaurant and bar onsite. It used to be vegetarian, and as of this year they now have organic meats and fish

Menu changes/season foods sourced by local ingredients. Last camps menu list . Also might be possible to get a portable pizza oven from a friend who did IT for We also have vegan attendees, a couple people with allergies, and a couple vegetarians. Will try to address the best we can.
Have scalable recipes you think would be good camp grub? No guarantees but pass it on! Water is always available on site.

Whiskeyleaks: It’s on. No date is set but most likely Fri or Sat. Bring a bottle if you feel so inclined. We will have kegs of beer available.

Toilets and bathrooms: Doe bay has showers and toilets located throughout, and the showers are located within 400 feet of milliways base cabin. Most cabins have their own facilities.

Power: We have a limited number of electrical sockets for powering dome/dj gear/lights/kitchen stuff. We have space available for phone and laptop charging on a first come first serve basis generally inside dome. Have any battery-powered LED lights? BRING them! We need them for the entrance to dome and the miliways sign A number of Yurts have power, as do cabins.

Parking: Toorcamp will be providing limited parking near the campsites but for logistical reasons we would request that vehicles that park near the campsite only leave when the camp is over. If you are planning on needing to head into town to get supplies, please leave a car parked in one of the parking lots near the road.

Cell phone reception/Internet: Cell phone reception is very spotty depending on your carrier, both in Doe Bay and in East Sound. I am never able to get any reception using T-Mobile. Verizon works to some extent. Sprint unknown. Internet should be available. For some fun back history on the Doe bay wireless network,

Milliways attendees:

  1. macker (6/19)
  2. milliways uhaul (6/19). Need someone to drive it up. Needs to be fully packed on 6/18.
  3. cnomad
  4. shadow
  5. privacy geek
  6. wooster
  7. [tj] +1
  8. openfly
  9. ryd
  10. hibby
  11. matt t
  12. includie via motorcycle – ship your gear to throw in the uhaul?
  13. Mokstar (6/19)
  14. awgh +C
  15. revpi +1/serps/dj extroidinair
  16. sabice + mark


  1. mcfly
  2. emerson
  3. rokie +X
  4. daravinne
  5. vyrus/jana/ Lil’ L
  6. karnei
  7. carton
  8. dave t
  9. vito
  10. schneider

Didn’t sign up or still debating? Just let us know for logistical reasons. The more accurate we are the better we all are, from space to food to beer Apologies for missing anyone.

Code of Conduct: In this day and age it’s required, and toorcamp has a new CoC Milliways has it’s own CoC: Treat everyone with respect and don’t be an asshole.

Potential projects:

  • Numbers Station -- openfly
  • Whodunit computer forensics crime mystery -- someone else had this cool idea and I'd be down to help make it happen – wooster macker: I brought this up and ran out of time to do anything with it, maybe next time. Some ideas were a murder-mystery with an IT twist, or This company does stuff like that , and n0p had some ideas as well. Camp logistics, gear, dome safety plans, missing equipment etc. Maybe next time.
  • Fortune machine
  • shadyiptv (tentative)
  • Panel about camp cooking / food hacking, Cooking for camp aka how not to buy 30lbs of bacon
  • Ideas from Ryd:
  • Events we did (CCC/EMF/Toorcamp/...)
  • Building a dome
  • Technical Infrastructure we did (Wifi, Server, Seafile) <-- like this ~macker
  • Important of Local People and Remote
  • Flags
  • Coins and Finance
  • Panel for Q/A

Orcas Island links:

Grocery stores:

  1. Island Market
  2. Orcas Food Co-Op

Banks (ATM on site in restaurant but does run out of cash):

  1. Islanders bank 475 Fern St, Eastsound, WA 98245
  2. Key bank 487 Main Street, Eastsound, WA 98245
  3. Washington Federal 35 Main St, Eastsound, WA 98245


  1. Island hardware & supply 21 W Beach Rd, Eastsound, WA 98245
  2. Orcas Island hardware 421 N Beach Rd, Eastsound, WA 98245

Brewery / winery:

  1. Island hoppin Brewery 33 Hope Ln, Eastsound, WA 98245

Non-toorcamp coolness to see:

  1. Drive to to Mt Constitution, the highest point in all San Islands. Observation deck, snacks, parking can be tough on nice days as it’s always busy. If there is one thing unrelated to camp you can do, drive to the top and take some memorable pictures . Entrance is 15min from camp on the way to ferry/ eastsound Orcas.

  1. Sucia Islands: Top 10 boating destinations in world. Lots of hiking, excellent camping. Plan on heading over to camp ideally after toorcamp. From eastside. Head North 10 blocks until North beach. You can either boat over, kayak, or take the water taxi The sucia islands are well worth the visit, even if for a day. If you want to decompress – take the ferry over with your gear, head to the left and hike 1/4 mile to fox cove. Its rather spectacular, especially the 6’ tall bonfires which access to as much wood as you want – Did I say fire?