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A Bee in their element

Phone unknown (search in phonebook)
Speaks language en - English
Continent unknown
Country unknown
City unknown
Part of Security/BIOSS
Working on Human Recharge Station/
Member of Bacon House, HIPAA-Camp

More comfortably called Bee is a swarm of bees in a human suit with great tits. Bee is an obligate crafter who makes as many things as possible with clay, resin, fabric, electronics, wire, beads, if it is not immediately at their hands, they will create it. They are a credentialed and Licensed Mental Health Professional (LMHCA and SUD-PT) Which means they would like to help with whatever you need to be safe. They have a background in Software Coding and Development, Molecular Biology and is a Master Bee Keeper of 20 some odd years. They will be running the BIOSS Team (Biologically Integrated Operating System Support Team) which will have Mental and Intoxicant support throughout camp week, and will be running HIPPO-Camp (Sanctuary) which will be a space for recharging and AFK needs.