Unused properties

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This page lists unused properties that are declared although no other page makes use of them. For a differentiated view, see the entire or wanted properties special pages.

List of properties

  1. Available from of type Date
  2. Available to of type Date
  3. Brings of type Text
  4. Callsign of type Text
  5. Creates pages with form of type Page
  6. Event of type Page
  7. Foaf:homepage of type URL
  8. Foaf:knows of type Page
  9. Foaf:name of type Text
  10. Hackerspace of type Keyword
  11. Hackerspaces of type Page
  12. Has alternate form of type Page
  13. Has citizen count of type Number
  14. Has contact of type Text
  15. Has desired session of type Text
  16. Has desired timeframe of type Text
  17. Has equipment of type Text
  18. Has guid of type Text
  19. Has id of type Number
  20. Has lightning tag of type Text
  21. Has lower name of type Text
  22. Has name of type Text
  23. Has notes of type Text
  24. Has number of seats of type Number
  25. Has order interest of type Text
  26. Has orga contact of type Email
  27. Has organizer property of type Page
  28. Has phone contact of type Text
  29. Has planning notes of type Text
  30. Has plans with tracks of type Text
  31. Has power needs comment of type Text
  32. Has size of type Number
  33. Has url of type URL
  34. Has village constraints of type Text
  35. Has village specification of type Text
  36. Has village tag of type Text
  37. Has x-coordinate of type Number
  38. Has y-coordinate of type Number
  39. Held in language of type Text
  40. Is Fahrplanimport of type Boolean
  41. Is organized by of type Page
  42. Is related to of type Page
  43. Language of type Text
  44. Lanuage of type Text
  45. Links to lightning of type Page
  46. Located in city of type Text
  47. Located in country of type Text
  48. Located in state of type Text
  49. Located on level of type Number
  50. Location of type Text