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Propaganda Broadcasting Service

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To ensure compliance, and the general wellbeing of fellow campers: presenters and group organizers, Please create short video (5 to 20 seconds) or slide that is formatted for 1920,1080-- maybe 640x480 for more of the screens to work? that helps us correct any misunderstandings about your talk, village, and or project?

Long Live Toorcamp.

there is intent to play these in intermissions between talks and while setup is occuring. but this may not happen.

PBS will attempt to share content place terminals in locations to help bring everyone in step.


  • I'm joe, I'm talking about Lasers at 3pm Friday
  • Welcome to Cloud Village, Come to our social Thursday at 2pm

  • This coffee store is open here from this time to this time, for all your bean needs
  • This is a garbage dumpster.
  • This is a recycling Dumpster.
  • Don't forget to pack out your trash when you leave.
  • You Might be a replicant. Come for your screening here at this time.

  • Deer Fact 12

Male deer of almost all species (except the water deer), as well as female reindeer, grow and shed new antlers each year. These antlers are bony extensions of the skull and are often used for combat between males.


Old screens that have been collecting dust, tied with low power computers (Issue, these are VGA)

Need basic AIO computers or Old monitors to display advertisements streamed over


Need to coordinate with network team and videographers for broadcast over network,


There may be another broadcast team working, actually do a real low power NTSC broadcast on a real TV channel, may be able to get FCC clearance now that channels have moved to digital.

If bandwidth is low, the computers may run a web page that rotates thru web pages that include cacheable videos... (can make a browser plugin that goes to propaganda.com/1 2 3 4 and restart...

It could be done as a video stream and actually tied to the talks etc.