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Frequently Asked Questions

Here's a handful of questions that we've been asked in the past few months. If you have any questions that this doesn't answer, please email me at h1kari@toorcon.org. We have also created a Google Group for discussing planning, general questions about the camp, and announcements.


Where exactly is the camp?

The camp is located at the Hobuck Beach Resort in Neah Bay, WA.

What airport should I fly into?

The closest major airports are Seattle/Tacoma International Airport (SEA) (~4 hours away), Victoria International Airport (YYJ) (~3 hours away with ferry), and Port Angeles International Airport (CLM) which only has commercial flights via Kenmore Air from Boeing Field in Seattle (~1 hour away). We suggest looking into flying into either of them. Usually SeaTac has cheaper flights and rental cars. Victoria, BC is closer but probably more expensive because it's in Canada and you may have more issues with renting cars and driving them into the US. If you're going to be flying into Port Angeles CLM you should post your flight to the Rideshare Forums to see if people want to carpool from Port Angeles. Either way, the drive to the site is absolutely beautiful and it'll give you a chance to experience the only rain forests in the continental US.

That's far from the airport I'm flying into, how am I supposed to get there??

We're suggesting for people to rent large vehicles and carpool out. To look for people to carpool with, we recommend posting to the ToorCamp Google Group. If anyone wants to rent a larger vehicle and provide transportation for people coming out, please let us know and we'll advertise it on the website.


What is the area like out there?

The area has lots of trees and sandy beaches. The surrounding area is very close to Forks, WA so if you've seen any of the twilight movies that's basically what you're in for. The camping area has been leveled a bit and there aren't as many trees near the beach. The area is very temperate and gets very little rainfall in August but will probably get fog in the early mornings. Expect the weather to vary between 50-75 degrees, around 3mph wind, and the water is known to be a great place to surf and board but make sure to bring a wet suit because the water is around 53 degrees during August.


What should we bring?

You should bring everything that you would normally bring when you go camping. Here's an example checklist:

- Water - Food - Tent - Sleeping Bag - Camping Mattress - Lantern (preferably non-burning) - Flashlights (headlights are best) - Sunscreen - Bugspray - Warm clothing (it'll get down to 50 degrees outdoors at night) - Cash (food will be available on-site and will be cash-only) - Unlocked GSM handset

What if I want to bring out an RV?

The campsite has RV hook ups and specific spaces for RVs to park. There is an additional fee for RVs though, so please make sure to purchase an RV admission to the camp so we can make sure you have a space reserved and paid for.

I started a campsite and want my 10%! How do I get it?

We will give you your 10% (either to the campsite organizer or to all of the campers) after you get 10 people to sign up for your campsite. Make sure that all of your campers are listed on your campsite wiki page and then email h1kari and let him know that you've reached 10 people. We will then issue either a 10% refund to each person that's signed up for the campsite or paypal 10% of the total admission of your campsite to the campsite organizer.

Are camps/people expected to pack out their own trash, or will there be dumpsters with scheduled pickup provided where trash can be dumped?

We would greatly appreciate it if people would pack out their own trash. (Yes, we're talking to you Camp Craigslist -- please don't dump multiple couches in the dumpster on your way out of town this time :-)


I'm press and I'd like to cover the event, do you offer any press passes?

Please email h1kari@toorcon.org for press registration information.

I'm giving a talk, does this mean I get in for free??

Because of the costs of running the conference we aren't providing free admission to people who speak unless they are traveling overseas or are students. We are trying to help some people running workshops, however, since they require a major time investment with prep, setup, equipment, and running them over the weekend so we are providing free admission to people who run workshops. Either way, if you are speaking, doing a workshop, or organizing any other sort of event and need financial help, we are more than happy to work with you. Please email h1kari@toorcon.org to discuss how we can help.

I'm under 18, am I allowed to come?

We don't have a problem with minors coming to the camp. The only issue is that we are requiring everyone to sign a liability waiver and so minors must be escorted by their parent/guardian who can sign for them.

Can I bring my dog?

Dogs are allowed on the campsite but not in any of the cabins and must remain leashed at all times except for in designated "leash free" zones. Also, it's expected that owners pick up after their pets and keep an eye on them at all times. You are responsible for any damage your pet causes.


Why is ToorCamp so expensive?!

It actually isn't. Most security conferences cost much more, especially for a 4 day conference, and most people also end up paying for expensive hotels while staying at conferences which ends up usually costing much more than the conference admission and/or flight. We are cheaper than most of the other camping events out there let-alone 4 day computer security conferences.

What is included in the ticket cost?

The ticket gets you:

- Camping space - Utilities (Power, Internet, Toilets, Water refill, etc) - Access to all Talks & Workshops - Access to special performances & nighttime events

Note that it does not include any travel, food, beverage, lodging, equipment, etc.

Is there going to be just a weekend ticket?

We will be offering a "Hacker Faire" ticket for the weekend (from Saturday morning to Monday morning). This will give you access to any nighttime events and workshops during the day and will be less than the $180 original pre-registration price.


We want to give you a bunch of money to have our name on stuff..

Perfect, we don't mind taking your money. Please email geo@toorcon.org to discuss our different sponsorship options.


What if I get injured at the camp?

We will be providing on-site EMT staff as well as Fire Marshals and will have proper evacuation plans in place. One of our terms with the owner of the site is that we're required to have everyone that comes sign a Liability Waiver and agree to our event rules. If you come to the camp, we will do all we can do to make sure you have the safest time possible, but please don't come after us if something happens to you. We would like to continue throwing these events in the future so please take responsibility for your own actions while at ToorCamp.