Stupid Shit No One Needs & Terrible Ideas Hackathon

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A 24 hour hackathon for the creation of useless, dangerous, and variously unwise things.


Start time is 19:00 on Friday, June 10. Teams can find new members there and register themselves with the organizers. Demonstrations and awards ceremony begins at 19:00 the next day. Pre-established teams are welcome, as are folks who are interested in joining a team.


Find us Friday evening at the Prime Dome to register and find group-mates (preformed groups are also welcomed). Thus, folks working on Stupid Hackathon projects can find one another, bounce ideas, and so forth. Demonstrations will be out in the open somewhere TBD, in case anything catches fire.


Prizes! Sweet trophies in several categories and a briefcase full of money for best in show.



Here are some other Stupid Hackathons, to get an idea of what kind of projects get built:

The original, based out of NYC

Stupid Hack Toronto

The San Francisco one, put on at Noisebridge

The Berlin edition