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Shadytel will be bringing both POTS (wireline) and GSM telephony service to Toorcamp in 2014. Be sure to bring a LANDLINE TELEPHONE and an UNLOCKED GSM TELEPHONE to make best use of these services!

Services Provided

Customer Experience Centre

The Shadytel Customer Experience Centre will have a variety of telephonic delights for the senses and intellect. Telephones of various vintages, a fax machine, and perhaps even a videophone.

Cellular Service

Shadytel registering screenshot.png

Complementary SIM cards will be issued to the first thousand customers, in all the usual sizes (Mini-SIM/2FF, Micro-SIM/3FF, Nano-SIM/4FF). Customers may also bring their own third-party SIM card for use on the network, with no loss of functionality.

SIM cards from Toorcamp 2012 will work this year, and will have the same telephone numbers as before.

The last few dozen Programmable Java SIMs from Toorcamp 2012 will also be for sale, for those who wish to experiment with this technology.

Service will be provided primarily on the 1900 MHz frequency band.

Hardline Analog Service

Shadytel technology.jpg

Come to the Shadytel Customer Experience Centre to schedule a professional installation of your telephone line. A small number of telephones will be available at the camp for rent or purchase. We encourage you to bring your own telephone. Any analog telephone will work, including rotary-dial phones.

A very limited number of ISDN lines will be available. Due to equipment limitations, they will only be provided near the Shadytel Customer Experience Centre. No ISDN telephones will be available.

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