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We're setting up a daycare to cover all of the time that talks are going on at the camp and kid-focused workshops for those older kid hackers that are able to make it out! Activities will be set up near the Retreat House in the lower part of the upper field. If you're interested in registering your kid for daycare (<6 y/o), we just ask that you volunteer for an hour each day that your kid is in daycare. If you're bringing an older kid (> 5 y/o) and have any ideas for kid workshops, please let us know!


Please make sure to fill out the ToorCamp Kids Registration form so we can make sure to have enough sitters and activities setup for your little ones!

Kids Workshops

We've begun posting workshops for the older kids at the ToorCamp Kids page. ideas for kid workshops

2018 kid workshops ideas ideas for kid workshops 2018&action=edit

How much are parents willing to pay for supplies for children's products?
Are we able to get sponsors for kit?
How many children will participate with each activity?
Will parents need to help? will parents want their own kids?
What are the ages/prior experience of the kids?
Are there kids willing to lead an activity?
What are the alternative activities for kids if they are not interested in the main project?

  • go cart / diy powerwheels This gal has a series of fairly simple attachments
    • small slow, collapsible, powered by cheap cordless power tool?
    • may need welder or some other tools.
    • 1x3 lumber, wood glue thin laminate. (think fiberglass construction but with thin wood veneer to be nontoxic, like wooden boat building)
    • cost estimate 200 if supplied own drill
    • needs 1 speed kids bike hardware, can get garbage bikes possibly from dump.
    • sasquatch has a small 110v wirefeed welder.
  • 40buck hand truck plus 140buck lion brushless chainsaw plus 4 dollar wheel and a few brackets could make a one powered wheel electric gocart if we sacrifice the bar. there might even be a way to just sacrifice the chain to make it still work as a chainsaw and hand truck later.

  • drill motor to bike power boost just for fun ( a sprocket that goes into a drill and goes on a bracket that can clamp to the unmodified kids bike?)
  • plunger hydraulic robot arm
    • This could be made with popsicle sticks, or laser cut parts.
    • cost estimate: 20-50USD
  • drink dispenser
  • popsicle stick bridge
    • 5USD
  • gastro snacks
    • chemistry with food
    • any allergies?
  • code school
    • use lego or other programmable logic for toys
  • openCV for kids
    • web cams and laptops?.. and legos?
  • powered paper rc airplanes
    • there are kits with small batteries and props
  • airshark blimps
    • helium
    • the angry bird models are inexpensive
  • Design own outdoor running/position type game.
  • Ameteure radio , Morse code, build an am radio
  • Geography bee..
  • Minerals
  • kid presentations of projects to the group.
    • What did you learn
    • what was hardest?
    • what was easier than expected
    • what's next?