The Camp For Misfit Toys

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The Camp For Misfit Toys

Spot for all the random people like me who don't know each other? We're up to 14!.

Located in the Southeast corner of "general" camping, next to the maker stage. Updated Team Picture.. TeamMisfit.png

(ThatOneCoug on right, Hashtagcyber on Left)

Things we'll have: 1k generator

Camp Sign

A sharable amount of Bullet Bourbon

A cheap canopy

2.5 strings of Christmas lights

630 ft of Paracord

Random resistors/electrical bits

Frozen Bacon

ThatOneCoug will supply the following:


Hackable LED strands


Butane stoves(single burner)

Things we need:


Seating spots?


Planned Activites

This is what we're doing.

Bourbon Bacon Chili one night with cornbread. -ThatOneCoug

If you would like to do some other shared meals let it be known. I am willing to share the stoves and cooking utensils.

  Cast Iron Skillet
  Cast Iron Dutch Oven
  Cutting Board
  Knifes, spatula, mixing bowl, large spoon.

-- thatonecoug sends --

I am teaching a class on a Raspi hacking tool on Saturday so i will be playing with that during the week. I will have a couple of modems, some phone "butt"sets, soldering and electronics dodads for your raspi/arduino concepts, several laptops and some data for sharing. I would love to get a BBS or other shenanigans setup for the rest of camp to play with. will also have my ham radio(s) and materials to build a couple of antennas.


-- Yosef sends --

Projects - I'll have a Piratebox with 62 GB of fun stuff, powered on most if not all of the time. Also would love some help to mess with a Raspberry Pi pHAT DAC and also an ESP8266 DAC and PiTFT I never got around to setting up. Also have an ATT corded phone just for Toorcamp, and 4-6 spare and functioning Raspberry Pis for whatever projects. Although I've never done a Toorcamp/any con project, some possibilities would be to do tutorials on cool stuff to do with the raspberry Pi. I also have two projects to solder - conway's game of life for practice and a TV-B-Gone I've been dying to make since the election. Can also bring a portable travel router and networking gear for functional "misfit toy" lan ---EOM---

-- Hashtagcyber sends ---

... Ok, I have no idea, someone else fill this out. I live in Puyallup and have a ton of camping crap and other clutter I refuse to throw away... Here's the problem... I'm riding my bike to camp (vroom not ring ring) and only have so much room to carry it. If anyone wants to stop by the night before and grab a beer + some random stuff, you're more than welcome! ---EOM---

--- Osmotic sends ---

Booze - Mostly cider. A couple of growlers or some cans, dry or sweet whichever people prefer Board games - I'll probably bring Hive because it's easy to pack and play pretty much anywhere. I've got more if there's interest Cooler - It's not great but it's a cooler 3D Printer - A Creality Ender 3 which would require power but is available if you're interested Chair - I can bring a spare camping chair Scotch Super 77 multipurpose spray adhesive - I don't know what you people are planning but if it needs to be sticky, I can help Tiny Bluetooth speaker ---EOM--- Hack, Make, Drink, and be merry.


Matt D
EHarmany (i.e., Eric)
ThatOneCoug - possibly with my wife
  (Hopefully Dean will come too... Or even Cas)
Pierce +2