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A loose assemblage of campers somehow affiliated with Portland, Oregon, the Ctrl-H hackerspace, or Dorkbot.

Hex Keys

Head over to the Bomb Truck to see these little hexagons, red vs. blue hacking, audio and visual feedback.... via 100s of LEDs with accelerometers and resistive elements measuring your touch and speakers confirming your keypresses. It’s the technology of a cell phone expanded into a strangely familiar form factor for shared participation.

​Hex Keys is the tried and true serial communication we’re using and moves away from the wireless hardware in previous projects. This means increased user experience and excitement at the expense of the sexy tech of web apps as demonstrated “Internet of Buckets” and similar web/wireless tech.

Collaborators: ^H @ctrlhpdx, Thomas Hudson @hydronics, Daniel Smolentsev @kuwala, Dean Pierce @deanpierce, Dorkbot PDX and many more friends!

Mobile Internet of Buckets, 2018 Edition

We've updated this Toorcamp 2016 favorite by improving the firmware, ease of use, multi-charging capability and, while we were at it, increased battery life by 200%! Head to the bomb truck to check out an IoB for your camp, connect to your (or your neighbor's) AP and light up the night. Head back to the bomb truck to swap out your dead battery for a fresh one some time before the following sunset.

Bomb Truck

Come by to check out our one of a kind decommissioned City of Portland Explosives Disposal Unit, say hi, learn a bit about locksport, and top up your phone's charge while you're here.

KTRL 97.5 FM

^H Radio. Turn on, tune in, drop out. 5 days of Toorcamp inspired programming.