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Pretty, Pretty Lights

Ralph Waldo Emerson said, "Without electricity, the air would rot." While we can't be 100% certain of the accuracy of that statement from an environmental standpoint, it remains to be said that all ToorCamp attendees are grateful for the AC mains power that the organizers provide to the whole campground. As always, the Psychoholics camp site will be capable of being spotted from many yards if not miles away thanks to our diverse and always wholly UL-compliant array of strung lighting. If you are looking to find us at ToorCamp, download a lightmeter app for your smartphone and walk in whatever direction it registers the highest value readings.

Planned Experiences

Tin Foil Hat Contest

What with aliens and the NSA, a hacker can’t always tell who's listening (or who's transmitting...). Show us your skills by building a tin foil hat to shield your subversive thoughts. There are 2 categories: stock and unlimited. The hat in each category that causes the most signal attenuation will receive the "Substance" award for that category. We all know that hacker culture is all about looking good, though, so a single winner will be selected from each category for “Style”. Finally, a single overall winner will be selected from all combined categories for “Style and Substance”.

L33tSpeakEasy Service

From the hours of 1800 to 2100 each evening, the central square of the Physcoholics camp will convert to a speakeasy bar. Off-license cocktails will be the order of business, for anyone who meets the three criteria of entry:

1. Dress Code - All entrants to the Psycholoics L33tSpeakEasy must be wearing at least two of the following: a tie, non-casual shoes, a dapper hat or fashionable fascinator, a dinner jacket, a monocle, an evening or cocktail dress, or a frilly boa. Any combinations of at least two or more of the afformentioned are deemed suitable by the management.

2. Password - A password must be stated discreetly to the staff when you present yourself at the door. Either hone your eavesdropping skills when other guests make their way in, or you can take a stab at this light-weight crypto puzzle to learn the password for yourself

[ puzzle to be published closer to Toorcamp ]

3. Geek Triva Challenge - while no physical notes or specie need be tendered nor BTC or XDG need be transferred for a drink at the L33tSpeakEasy, all bar service is contingent on the proper answer to a geek trivia question. Want to sample one of our top shelf whiskies or taste the sweet and savory wonder of our cocktail creations? Sharpen your minds, then... no googling permitted!

During the hour of 1400 to 1500 on certain afternoons, the L33tSpeakEasy staff may run specific cocktail classes and tasting sessions. No formal dress code shall be required, but participants may be asked to demonstrate that they have donated a charitable cause as a condition of entry. Space will be limited, assuming we get our shit together enough that early in the morning so as to actually run this kind of thing.

Sous Vide Egg Cup Breakfasts

While the Psycoholics Cooking Team may or may not participate again in the Titanium Chef Challenge this year, you can be assured that the sous vide setup is going to make a return. And with that, there will be scads of mini savory egg custard cups, which were first described here in this hacker con talk... ...if you don't have a healthy breakfast planned one morning, stop by our camp! Supplies will be bounteous.