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DiNovis; Rebecca Jane Diehm; Elisabeth N. Dohner; Jonathan M. Doleman; Matthew J. Apple iPhone 6 new screen 'will have scratch resistant Sapphire Glass technology on 5.5 inch model'The tech giant's newest release could include the sturdy material which would make it even more damage resistant11:20, 19 JUN 2014Glass: The iPhone 6 is expected to have a sturdy new screen (Image: Internet Unknown) Get daily updates directly to your inbox+ SubscribeThank you for subscribing!Could not subscribe, try again laterInvalid EmailThe new iPhone 6 will allegedly feature Sapphire Glass but only on the larger model.Apple are rumoured to be producing two different sized versions of the phone at their launch this autumn however, only one of the devices will be using the advanced screen.The tech giant's 5.5inch model will be kitted out with Sapphire Glass according to suppliers.Taiwanese supply chain insiders have said that the larger version is being manufactured with the super strong material.If used, the feature will ultimately make the phone resistant to scratches. This will come in handy for those who buy the expanded version of the device and want to store is safely.The handset will be the tech giant's first phablet as they try to compete with rival company Samsung.Their standard sized iPhone 6 will not include the new feature despite its size increase. Now expected to hit 4.7inches, the model will still use Gorilla Glass 3.This is in line with previous versions that have been released.However, the phablet won't be the only one of Apple's products getting the update.

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